Smoothie Bowls Series

I love smoothies. The colour, the taste, the texture – I love them so much. I do however have my own concerns about how they are not the right food for me, Ayurvedically speaking. So I am having to rein in my love a little bit.

Meanwhile, I do try to stick to as much as possible stick to Ayurvedic principles where possible. Or rather, I would say I wouldn’t go overboard with adding extra additives, supplements and mixing too many raw veggies and fruits together. I tend to stick to fleshy and fresh, naturally warm and seasonal fruits. I keep to a usually a max of 2 fruits and occasionally a green; little yogurt and little to no ice. That way I get to enjoy smoothies but also retain the original property of food as closely, without too many things throwing it off balance.

I am doing a small series of smoothie bowls of my favourite, tried and tested that doesn’t throw my vata off balance too much. I also make sure I enjoy it in summer season with some fire inducing thrown in before or after to keep the pitta/agni in balance too.

In the first series I am doing an extremely simple and extremely delicious mango smoothie.

Mango Smoothie Bowl
Mango Smoothie Bowl

To stay true to Ayurvedic principles and to balance my primary (vata) and secondary (pitta doshas), I made the smoothie like below

1 fresh ripe Mango (in season)

1 fresh ripe banana

1 spoon of yogurt

A little bit of milk at room temperature

a sprinkle of Chia seeds (preferably soaked in water and allowed to swell)

Served with some figs, almonds and blueberries to make it am even more sumptuous bowl of goodness.

Blend all of the ingredients.

*I didn’t use ice for this one. I do sometimes use ice when I need to give the smoothie a bit more of a body. But as my vata prakriti does not like and do well with ice and this smoothie has enough depth and body as such it is easily avoidable.


You can easily replace milk with almond milk and skip the yogurt to make it vegan or allergic to dairy or do not prefer it for any reason.

Enjoy! I will leave you with this thought…..

‘A well lived day is a medicine onto itself’ – David Frawley

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