Go Vegetarian or Vegan

I have been a vegetarian all my life. I have tried meat once or twice out of my own volition and few times due to someone else’s error. But eating meat is something I haven’t ever found myself being drawn towards. And I count that to be one of the best seeds that my cultural upbringing sowed in me.

I have been derided, subtly or directly by most meat eaters, often even from my own culture. And I have been congratulated and fist-pumped by many vegetarians outside of my culture. To both of them, I have only one thing to say Vegetarianism is second nature to me. Meat-eaters, its not something I intend to change anytime soon. My struggles with going pure vegan could however be made into a movie. (Jennifer Aniston or Anne Hathway would play me, in case you are wondering)

This post is not meant to be a propaganda post for vegetarianims or veganism. There are a ton of articles doing the rounds that argue the case very well. Here’s One if you are interested. So there would be no need for me to make a case again or repeat them.

I write this post as assurance to those of you who may have started considering going the vegetarian or vegan route. Its a beautiful world, one that is rich, delicious and healthy. And most of all the variety you can find will leave you wanting more. And as a fellow vegetarian and a holder of Bachelors degree in nutrition and Masters in Biochemistry, I can assure you that vegetarian diet is healthy and nutritious when done right.

Here’s to increasing the vegetarian and vegan tribe. Lets make the world of food beautiful and healthy and delicious. Lets eat to live and live to eat within reason. Lets treat our bodies and the ecosystem with the respect it deserves.

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